January 6, 2019

About 4 days ago, I did an intensive session with Angela. In our session, I told Angela, I was open to anything. At first, she and her angel(s) told me what I might do in the future. She feel that there was going to be a lot of changes in the future for me both emotionally and I believe mentally, as well. Which I feel that it was needed too. Without any words, she told me about my upcoming trips, which I didn’t tell to a lot of people or post it up on social media, yet. I was in shocked and excited. Then she kept telling about car payments, I know that my parents and I are planning to trade my car, so that might be it, but it’s still up in the air. Then it got deep. I’m a private person and don’t like to show a lot of emotion. She started to guide me of my past of forgiven. It’s started to tear me and I started to cry because I did tried to hide it and forget it. The past was still stubbornly in my heart and she helped relieve it. I started to take a deep breathe of forgiving the past and myself, slowly. I started to feel better. It still linger in my heart but I believe I am ready to face. Just yesterday, she asked me, how I was feeling. I told her that, I did feel a little better and planning what I going to do in the future and how I’m going to approach my emotions. She’s not only a guide but an angel, herself. I feel so much love from Angela, as she show me, she’ll be there for me, if needed. Angela and her angel(s) are phenomenal and beautiful. I can not thank her enough for guiding me and what the future will hold. Thank you so much Angela. Thank you so much!

Ghao Yang


Thank you for offering your time and gift to help me move forward in my life choices. I know I did not give you a lot to work off of, but you were able to see things I am going through and offer sound advice on how to take that one step that might help me change my energy. I didn’t even come prepared with questions, but you went right into the reading asking me about things I had been thinking about speaking to you about. I cannot wait to find the time to finally implement the things we discussed. I truly appreciate the recording because I know when I listen to it in the future, I will find new insights that I can work on. My sisters love you and I can truly see why. You are amazing at what you do. You are detailed and ask the right questions until we both understand the symbols and/or meanings that you see. I look forward to another session with you in the near future. I will go start the decluttering process verrrry soon.

Pa Kou Xiong

"Thank you so much Angela. She was very insightful into my situation and read right into me. I nearly cried when she could read into my feelings of abandonment which explains why I feel like I am all over the place. Thank you again for this reading. It definitely helped me confirm a lot of things. Will do a longer session next time."

Smile Queen Photography

I have a session with Angela Xiong Moua on Thursday 1/3/19...I was nervous at first because I have never have a session before. My session was pretty much about my marriage and family. My biggest fear was not wanting to hear about my marriage ending. I was nervous, but after the session I felt so much better. She was patient with me and helped guide me through my questions. She made me see that I already am strong enough and that I just need to let go. My thoughts are much clearer then before! Lastly, I needed to love myself and worry about my kids more.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you. Thank you for your guidance. Once I know answer or what We have talked about I will update you. I hope to know my answer pretty as you mentioned in the session. I have a good feeling about what will happen. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Overall, it was a great session. I felt bad not that the session when by so fast.

See Thoj

“She's an energy healer in which I have worked with in the past to bring more clarity in my life. I highly recommend her.

A testimonial of my recent session with Angela: "I have been wanting some clarity in my next steps in career and relationships. She validated the big questions for me and made sure what she was saying made sense. Throughout my session, I giggled a lot because she doesn’t know me well but seems like we are best friends. I didn’t feel judged or belittled. I like how she was direct and told me like it is. That was very helpful considering I am lost in desperation. I have decisions to make but I am more clear now.””

Nancy Xiong

"Thanks Angela! You are amazing! I scheduled a reading with you not even knowing what I needed to ask! Lost. You just knew what I needed to hear and confirmed things for me even I hadn't had the courage to think about! Thank you so much... I'm grateful for your guidance! In a way, you've given me courage to move forward and to be my authentic self! I appreciate all that you do! Continue your journey... sending light and love!"

Mee Kue

"Thank you so much Angela for the session. It was a great experience and I appreciated the clarity and insight you gave. I encourage those who are looking for a reading to try Angela. You won’t be disappointed. I myself will be reaching out to Angela for another session - she's great!"

Katrina Lee

"I wanted to give Angela a big thank you for providing another great session. I was very excited to have another session with her because my first one went so well. We were able to discuss my life more in detail with this session and I was amazed at how much she knew and the feedback that she gave. I think so highly of her work that I’ve recommended her to close friends and family. This session has cleared my head and my heart and has given me insight and clarity on life and what I need to do. I’m very happy with the results and hope to use Angela more in the future."

Katrina Lee

Had my first 30min session and all I can say was...it was a teaser! Thank you so much Angela for sharing your experiences with me and guiding me with your advices. I really thought maybe I was going crazy or just over thinking and have too big of an imagination for my own good.

Txiab Tsab

Before I've met Angela, I had lost hope and don't have faith in myself or in anything I do because I didn't get what I wished for. I'm so blessed to have known the amazing Angela whom digs out my most painful pain out that I've hidden it deep in my heart. I will highly recommended Angela for those who have lost hope, faith, and trust. After our 6 weeks sessions I realize that to be happy with what I already had in front of me, have faith ,believe, and trust. Life is more understable after our last session. Angela is like a sister who I can trust to share my pain and sorrows. Thanks you are my soul sister.

Beebe Lee

Angela is amazing! I've known Angela for some time and have been working directly with her one on one for a few months and it has been such an amazing experience. She has helped me tune into myself and really focus in on key issues. With her guidance and suggestions it has truly helped me grow spiritually, energetically and as a result, helped me to be more balanced overall. Thank you so much!

Mailia Moua

I want to give a shoutout for Angela Xiong Moua!! We had a wonderful Soul Book Editing (TM) session last night. Angela was able to delete several blocks on such a deep level, that I could physically feel each one! Her gentleness & grace just flowed through our session! If you have a chance book your session with her!!

Dina Randa Wadding

I want to share how amazing and transformative my Soul Book Edit session was with Angela Xiong Moua. I was very moved by the information that was shared with me and how deeply the shift has happened with me over the past two days. I was very clear and precise with the blocks I wanted to shift and was ideed ready to let go. Angela's approach was both gentle and powerfully direct. I would recommend anyone to have this experience with her. If you are tired of being stuck and want to move forward quickly, I wholeheartedly recommend Angela Xiong Moua! Love and Light dear soul! 

Patrice H-Jones

I had an excellent reading done with Angela Xiong Moua. She is a great intuit and her medical related advice and insight was very helpful to me and completely on point. It came in at a perfect time as a reassurance. I would highly recommend Angela. She is absolutely wonderful and not to mention magical. Thank you.2764.png

Rabeea Bee

My experience with Angela has been an amazing experience. I've had heard great reviews from my friend and came to one of Angela's session with an open mind. This experience has opened my eyes not only to myself and who I am, but to the psychic world. Angela's gift is amazing. She really was able to connect to me and her ability to know certain things about me was incredibly crazy! Angela helped me recognized what is blocking my energy and helped me to realize it. I definitely will recommend Angela!

Nancy Vang
Show up and Shine with Angela Xiong Moua

Where do I being? How do I tell you all about how much I have changed in the past six /seven weeks?

Because I have change spiritually, mentally, and even my presence in the world has changed. So much. I want to tell you all about it.

Last March, there was an Energy Healing session in St. Paul, Minnesota with two different Hmong healers. I remember feeling uncertain of what to expect but some kind of force of nature made me tagged along with Pagnia, my sister, and sign up for a session. I was interested but didn’t really see the potential of what energy healing could offer me.

During that time, I was drowning in my own makeshift misery being 26 and jobless. I was living, babysitting and babysitting. Not dreaming big enough dreams.

When I met Angela Xiong Moua, she sat me down and looked over what I wanted. I wanted to feel fearless again. That was my goal. I was so scared to do things by myself. I didn’t believe I could drive. I was shy. I was scared. Everything I did had to be right. All ridiculous conceptions I made up for myself because I felt truly stuck in life.

Mind you, I left my hometown at age 17 to Los Angeles, California for art school and lived there for 8 years. Fear was not there when I left but somehow it caught up to me after 8 years.

In the 15-20 min session, I got an earful. There were things I needed to hear, things I didn’t know, things I should do and things I completely agreed with that put me in the position I was in. Angela pinpointed everything correctly.

And with chills tingling my skin, I received an Angel that day, who was there to protect and answer anything I needed. I felt so blessed that day. I could cry thinking about it again.

After that session, I thought to myself – “I do not want to feel this way anymore. When I’m 30, I don’t want to be stuck and still wondering what to do with my life.” So I contacted Angela, and shortly after talking with her, I began my six weeks session with her.

I can’t stress how much I have gain from working with Angela. I have accepted my past, congratulated myself, and trusted myself again. By trusting Angela and myself, there were subtle changes in my life each week. I was meditating and focusing on good. Mediating was key to all my fears.

I saw so many future happenings that I would NEVER in my life imagine to do, see, and attend. We talked and focused on what I wanted and Angela gave me tips on every level I wanted to work on: Career, Soulmate, Parents, & Self-Love.

By working with Angela, my energy shifted.

I can tell you that dogs really like me now. (Haha!) I can pet a dog and they will sit right next to me because my energy is calm and relaxed. They allow me to pet them. I can control my thoughts and actions better now. I can drive 1 ½ hour to my hometown without fear. I can observe without being shy. I can slowly say what I want and not be afraid of what others will say. I can ask questions I would have never asked before. I can go out and not be scared.

I can tell you that I will be a full time photographer in the next 6 months with a kick ass portfolio. I am more certain of my actions and myself. I have a clearer view of what I want and I’m not afraid to get it. I simply have to want it, apply what I know and find a way to get it.

Angela has done a number on me and I’m not going back. From day one, I just wanted to be fearless but received so much more in returned. I have bigger dreams now. Every time I mediate, I’m in a different country photographing and connecting with people. I love that.

In addition, each day, I am thankful for my Angel and Spirit Guides. You may not believe in such things but without them, I wouldn’t be so fearless.

I am writing this message because everything I went through is true and real. I felt every changing moment.

I wanted to share my experience so anyone needing help will know how to get it. My experience was a life hurdle I never sought to jump and Angela helped guided me perfectly.

Thank you so much, Angela Xiong Moua. You have changed my life. You are pure Magic.

Pa Chia Xiong

I wouldn't even know where to begin! Angela is such an amazing person who cares about her clients. The work that she does is unbelievable to the ear. I just had a session with her and she was spot on, on my personal life! Coming into this reading, I did not know what to expect, for it was my first time and I had to say I was a bit skeptical at first but after this reading I felt a little weight off my shoulder. I would really recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thanks again Angela for such a great reading!

Yergy Xiong


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