I took the psychic development course with Angela back in 2019. Angela is such an amazing teacher. She's very patience in teaching me and guiding me if I'm to feel stuck during the process. One of my goal is to be more confidence in myself and I recieved just that after completing the courses. I've known about my spiritual gifts but I was not confident in myself and did not trust my intuitions and readings. I learned to be more confident and trust in myself along with my intuition and gift through Angela's guidance and mentorship. I highly recommend the psychic development course for family and friends who are looking for developing their psychic gift and more of a clear mind. Before the session, my mind was very clouded. Now my mind is more clear and 'empty' through her teachings! I feel that I've made peace with my ego, vs battling with it everyday.

~Mai Choo~

"I love it!!! Didn’t expect Angela to say it so accurate about my relationship. It was amazing that I was in shock that she knows what’s what. I am amazed! I already recommended her to a few of my family and friends. You won’t know until you try right. I totally recommend Angela to anyone. Made me emotional almost cried. Life will be a change if you listen carefully and keep an eye out. I’ll definitely come back for her for more readings. 💜"

~MyKub Muas~

~ Anonymous Client ~

Angela is amazing! I've known Angela for some time and have been working directly with her one on one for a few months and it has been such an amazing experience. She has helped me tune into myself and really focus in on key issues. With her guidance and suggestions it has truly helped me grow spiritually, energetically and as a result, helped me to be more balanced overall. Thank you so much!

Mailia Moua


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